Beamline 10-ID

  • General Information
    • Source Type
      In-vacuum undulator (IVU22-3m)


      General User Beamtime

      Energy Range Category
      Hard X-Ray (1-50 keV)

      Energy Range
      5 ~ 15 keV

      Beamline Type
      Facility Beamline

      Beamline Description
      IXS utilizes a room-temperature 3-m long in-vacuum undulator source with a magnet period of 22 mm, installed at 10-ID, a high-[SMALL_BETA] long straight section. The device delivers a peak spectral flux of ~8x10[SUP]14[/SUP] photons/sec/0.1%bw at 9.13 keV at 500 mA operation current.

      X-ray Inelastic Scattering

      Research Types
      High-frequency dynamics in liquids, disordered and biomolecular materials; phonons in crystalline and polycrystalline materials; and vibrational dynamics of surfaces, interfaces and systems under extreme pressure.

  • Contact Information
    • Spokesperson The person from each beamline who acts as a contact point between the beamline management and NSLS administration. Contact for questions about the beamline scientific program, experimental capabilities, and beamline management.
      Yong Cai, Brookhaven National Laboratory,, 344-7154

      Local Contact The beamline staff member who is typically responsible for overseeing the daily operation and maintenance of the beamline. Contact for questions about beamline instrumentation, experimental details, and training.
      Alessandro Cunsolo, Brookhaven National Laboratory,, 344-5564
      Alexey Suvorov, Brookhaven National Laboratory,, 344-7096

      Beamtime Scheduler The beamline staff member responsible for coordination of beamline schedule every trimester. Contact for questions about beamtime scheduling.

      Beamline Phone

  • Instrumentation
    • Beamline Characteristics

      Energy RangeMono Crystal or GratingResolution (ΔE/E)FluxSpot Size (mm)Total Angular Acceptance (mrad)
      5 ~ 15 keV Si(111) DCM / 4B HRM 1.3 eV / 0.8 meV @ 9.13 keV ~1.6 x 1010 photons/sec/0.8 meV @ 9.13 keV 5 (V) x 7 (H) μm2 ~ 10 x 10 mrad2

      Source Type
      In-vacuum undulator (IVU22-3m)

      Optical System
      The beamline optical system includes a compound refractive lens to pre-focus and a double crystal high heat load monochromator to pre-monochromatize the beam before it is delivered to the high-resolution monochromator based on a four bounces scheme. The monochromatic beam is focused by a set of KB mirrors to the sample. The analyzer optical system, mounted on the spectrometer arm, includes a Montel multilayer collimating mirror collecting the photons scattered by the sample with a large angular acceptance and delivering them to the CDW analyzer based on asymmetric dispersive crystal optics. The analyzed x-ray photons are recorded by a 2D strip detector.

      Experimental Apparatus
      Novel IXS spectrometer with highly-dispersive back-reflection analyzer optics for sub-meV resolution. High-pressure low-temperature cryostat with online Ruby system for in-situ experiments. Humidity and temperature controlled sample chamber for biological materials. Imaging detector for on-line sample alignment and phase characterization by x-ray diffraction.

      Computer System Hardware & Software
      Beamline components are controlled by EPICS. The user interface is implemented using Python and Control System Studio (CSS) clients operating under Linux Debian workstations.

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