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Beamline 17-BM

  • General Information
    • Source Type
      3-Pole Wiggler


      General User Beamtime

      Energy Range Category
      Hard X-Ray (1-50 keV)

      Energy Range
      5-16 keV

      Beamline Type
      Participating Research Team (PRT)

      Beamline Description
      The XFP beamline is a partner beamline operated by the Case Western Reserve University Center for Synchrotron Biosciences. The beamline delivers high flux density broadband X-rays to several sample exposure positions on separate tables in the experimental hutch. With adjustable focusing of the toroidal mirror tangential radius and distance from the source, the beam size can be tailored to a variety of samples. Sample environments available this cycle are expected to include liquid flow for both steady-state and time-resolved experiments and a multiple-sample holder for frozen state high-throughput experiments.

      X-ray Footprinting

      Research Types
      X-ray Footprinting

  • Contact Information
    • Spokesperson The person from each beamline who acts as a contact point between the beamline management and NSLS administration. Contact for questions about the beamline scientific program, experimental capabilities, and beamline management.
      Jennifer Bohon, Case Western Reserve University, jbohon@bnl.gov, 6313444613
      Mark Chance, Case Western Reserve University, mark.chance@case.edu, 2163684406

      Local Contact The beamline staff member who is typically responsible for overseeing the daily operation and maintenance of the beamline. Contact for questions about beamline instrumentation, experimental details, and training.
      Erik Farquhar, Case Western Reserve University, efarquhar@bnl.gov, 6313448174

      Beamtime Scheduler The beamline staff member responsible for coordination of beamline schedule every trimester. Contact for questions about beamtime scheduling.

      Beamline Phone

  • Instrumentation
    • Beamline Characteristics

      Energy RangeMono Crystal or GratingResolution (ΔE/E)FluxSpot Size (mm)Total Angular Acceptance (mrad)
      5-16 keV none broadband 1015 ph/s; >500 W/mm2 at focus 100 μm V x 400 μm H to 2.6 x 2.6 mm 3 mrad H, 0.4 mrad V

      Source Type
      3-Pole Wiggler

      Optical System
      Front End Toroidal Focusing mirror (Rh coating, 4.2 mrad angle)

      Experimental Apparatus
      High-throughput 23-sample steady state apparatus (-30C - 60C); In-Vivo multi-pump system with in-line incubator and fraction collector; Capillary flow cell (direct pump); KinTek quench-flow with mixing for kinetics (10C - 60C).

      Computer System Hardware & Software
      HP Workstation running Debian Linux, EPICS ioc server and archiver, Control Systems Studio (CSS) user interface screens for beamline motor motions.

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