Beamline 5-ID

  • General Information
    • Source Type
      ln-vacuum Undulator. Period : 21 mm


      General User Beamtime

      Energy Range Category
      Hard X-Ray (1-50 keV)

      Energy Range
      4.65 -25 keV

      Beamline Type
      Facility Beamline

      Beamline Description
      The Submicron Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy beamline, SRX, will enable simultaneous x-ray fluorescence and transmission measurements with sub-µm to sub-100 nm spatial resolution with an incident x-ray beam energy of 4.65-25 keV. X-rays are focused onto the sample by a set of Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors. Sample stages will enable fast 2D scanning and tomography capabilities. X-ray fluorescence imaging and tomography will provide elemental mapping in 2D and 3D, respectively. Spatially resolved X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) spectroscopy can be performed in fluorescence or transmission mode. Full-field imaging and tomography are also possible to provide morphology information. Several different operation modes including high resolution scanning (sub-100 nm focused beam), high flux (sub-µm focused beam) scanning and full-field imaging are available.

      X-ray Fluorescence Micro/Nanoprobe
      X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, Near Edge Fine Structure

      Research Types
      Envrionmental Science Materials Science Life Science Energy Science

  • Contact Information
    • Spokesperson The person from each beamline who acts as a contact point between the beamline management and NSLS administration. Contact for questions about the beamline scientific program, experimental capabilities, and beamline management.
      Juergen Thieme, Brookhaven National Laboratory,, 344-8057
      Yu-chen Chen-Wiegart, Brookhaven National Laboratory,, 344-3563

      Local Contact The beamline staff member who is typically responsible for overseeing the daily operation and maintenance of the beamline. Contact for questions about beamline instrumentation, experimental details, and training.
      Garth Williams, Brookhaven National Laboratory,, 344-8747

      Beamtime Scheduler The beamline staff member responsible for coordination of beamline schedule every trimester. Contact for questions about beamtime scheduling.

      Beamline Phone

  • Instrumentation
    • Beamline Characteristics

      Energy RangeMono Crystal or GratingResolution (ΔE/E)FluxSpot Size (mm)Total Angular Acceptance (mrad)
      High Flux Mode - 4.65 keV -25 keV Si (111) and Si (311) Horizontal Double Crystal Monochromator dE ~ 0.2 - 0.9 eV (7 keV) > 10 13 phot/sec 0.5 x 0.5 µm2 (H x V)
      High Resolution Mode - 4.65 keV -25 keV Si (111) and Si (311) Horizontal Double Crystal Monochromator dE ~ 0.2 - 0.9 eV (7 keV) 10 ^ 11-12 phot/sec sub-100 nm (H and V)

      Source Type
      ln-vacuum Undulator. Period : 21 mm

      Optical System
      Horizontally focusing mirror, Horizontal double cyrstal monochromator, secondary source slits, Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors (2 sets - high flux and high resolution modes, respectively)

      Experimental Apparatus
      X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy - Vortex ME3 (Hitachi), MAIA detector (in collaboration wtih Peter Siddons); X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) in transmission mode: photodiode (Hamamatsu); full-field imaging/tomography: CMOS (PCO- edge)

      Computer System Hardware & Software
      Beamline control: EPICS, CS-Studio, Python

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