Beamline 6-BM

  • General Information
    • Source Type
      3-pole wiggler

      Construction and Commissioning

      General User Beamtime

      Energy Range Category
      Hard X-Ray (1-50 keV)

      Energy Range
      4.7 – 22 keV

      Beamline Type
      Participating Research Team (PRT)

      Beamline Description
      BMM uses a three-pole wiggler source along with a paraboloid collimating mirror, a Si (311) monochromator, and a toroidal focusing mirror to provide light to a highly usable end-station. The end-station is equipped to provide high-quality, high-throughput XAS coordinated with an eight-circle goniometer for XRD and constant-q spectroscopy measurements such as refflexafs or DAFS.

      X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
      X-ray Diffraction, Powder

  • Contact Information
    • Spokesperson The person from each beamline who acts as a contact point between the beamline management and NSLS administration. Contact for questions about the beamline scientific program, experimental capabilities, and beamline management.
      Daniel Fischer, National Institute of Standards & Technology,, 6313445177

      Local Contact The beamline staff member who is typically responsible for overseeing the daily operation and maintenance of the beamline. Contact for questions about beamline instrumentation, experimental details, and training.

      Beamtime Scheduler The beamline staff member responsible for coordination of beamline schedule every trimester. Contact for questions about beamtime scheduling.

      Beamline Phone

  • Instrumentation
    • Beamline Characteristics

      Energy RangeMono Crystal or GratingResolution (ΔE/E)FluxSpot Size (mm)Total Angular Acceptance (mrad)
      4.7 – 22 keV Si(111), Si(333) 10,000 up to 1012 ph/sec at 500mA tunable

      Source Type
      3-pole wiggler

      Optical System
      under development

      Experimental Apparatus
      under development

      Computer System Hardware & Software
      under development

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